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Turn tables faster

Retain 100% of your sales Boost average tickets & tips

Mobile orders and contactless payments, now uncomplicated. Impress customers with an effortless experience and free yourself from transaction fees with Bfast.


Perfect for business like: 

Better Value for Your Business

Enjoy a simple, transparent payment plan. Starting at just $50 per location per month, activate your Bfast business account today and begin saving.

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Starting at just

 $50 per month

No transaction fees, less labor costs wasted on transactions, faster table-turn, higher tips 

Grow Your Business

Bfast helps restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, retail shops, and live events enjoy instant, hands-clean orders and payments.


Take contactless orders and payments. Bfast supports mobile orders and in-person QR scans.


Spare your business of ruthless transaction fees and time lost to endlessly playing cashier.


What other ordering app helps you market? Reach custom audiences with promo codes and notifications. 

  • Instant end-of-day reporting for sales and tips

  • Multi-site scaling for growing businesses

  • No clumsy point-of-sale scanners and gadgets

  • Most of all, no dreaded transaction fees

  • Clean straightforward interface for mobile orders and payments

  • Order-ahead, walk-in, and dine-in ticket capabilities

  • Inventory integration for real-time tracking

The Power of Contactless

The Bfast Promise

Bfast exists to help business owners and event planners be ready for the modern, mobile world. We promise to create user-friendly platforms that help you meet customers' ever-rising expectations for easy contactless orders and payments.

No Hands, No Problems

How close are you to improving your business with Bfast? Get ready for some game-changing simplicity.

Click below to activate your Bfast business account.

Receive promo materials that get your customers excited about fast, hands-clean orders and payments.

Increase your sales and keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Here We Go!

Hate transaction fees? Love growing your business or event? Let's make this easy. Click to launch your Bfast account today.

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